Logistical Trends

Logistical Trends documents rapid landscape changes occurring throughout North America and China to accommodate rising levels of e-commerce, including logistical infrastructures and buildings such as intermodal freight facilities, double-stack railroad corridors, and warehousing districts.

Associated Outcomes:

Interiorization and Exteriorization of Port Activities 

This in-progress manuscript considers the current and future role of contemporary landscape architectural practice in North America through the lens of logistics. The article includes the following elements:

Ports to Parks: Case studies of parks built on former piers and railyards

Ports as Parks: Case studies of new logistical environments designed using a landscape framework

China Logistics 

This in-progress mapping project examines recent landscape changes throughout China through the lens of logistics and biodiversity.

Inland Port Data Set 

Assembled from a diverse range of sources, this data set brings together figures on annual TEU throughput for North American inland container ports.